Dragons Bloodstone

Dragons Bloodstone (Jasper) enhances Life Force, courage, strength and vitality.

Helps loneliness and keeps your spirits up.

Good for yin/yang balance and the aura.
It is said that Dragons Bloodstone is a strengthener of the physical and etheric bodies, when illness or other negative conditions have brought one’s vitality down. Its influence assists the body in the spiritual purification of the blood, and of the cells.

Emotionally, Dragon Stones helps one develop self-confidence, a stronger will, an open expression of feeling and affection, a willingness to help others for the greater good, and the persistence required to make real and effective change.Brings joy to community interactions and helps you achieve goals. Draws money and love to the wearer.

Dragon Blood Jasper is found only in western Australia. Local legend there says that the stone is the remains of deceased ancient dragons – the green being the skin and the red the blood.


Birthstone – March

Chakra – Heart (4th)


Disclaimer: Sodalite should not be used instead of regular medical treatment, but in addition to treatments. Always seek professional help when dealing with health related problems.

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